BUSINESS EXPLORER is a mobile application designed as a meeting place for business buyers and sellers. Our app allows users to add, swipe through, and connect with available businesses throughout the United States.

It’s user-friendly and FREE TO USE! Just SIGN UP, and begin adding or browsing businesses for sale at NO charge!

All entries can be CONFIDENTIAL if you desire!

Unlike our competitors, Business Explorer requires NO MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP. Our services are completely FREE to the user of our mobile app or website.

In addition, the Business Explorer platform does not rank any business higher in the search results based on additional fees paid. Our goal is to provide the most compatible results, consistent with the user’s needs.

IN ADDITION, our mobile application and site DO NOT generate fake leads that waste a seller’s time.

DO-IT-YOURSELF DOCUMENTS: To facilitate the transfer of a business between private buyers and sellers, upon email request, Business Explorer provides a FREE checklist and document packet to help guide the process.

MESSAGES: The user can simply message an available business for more details and contact information. Our platform requires NO payment to send or receive inquiries from a business you are interested in learning more about. When a recipient receives a message, they will be notified what type of sender is trying to connect with them; Business Broker, Loan Officer, or Private Buyer. At this point, both users exchange their information and/or questions related to the listed business.

VALUATION TOOL: While adding a business to our marketplace, if you are unsure of an appropriate asking price for your business, you may utilize our valuation tool for FREE. Our valuation tool was created by a Certified Valuation Analyst, using a simple formula, to establish a quick and easy way to find an approximate asking price.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the Business Explorer Mobile Application and Site to

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